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Plus ça change: Making a Difference in Local Government.

I have been working with municipal government in Canada for almost 20 years. Most of those years I have been doing service or organizational reviews of one type or another. Lately, most of those reviews have been in the context of diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and anti-racism (DEIAA). With every...

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Changing Hearts and Minds

In our previous blog – The Human Factor in DEI Work – we explored the role of the workplace or organization in changing individual values when it comes to DEI. We believe organizations have an important role in providing opportunities for individuals to examine their opinions, attitudes, and feelings with...

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The Human Factor of DEI Work

Organizations are complex. They include systems and people, and the interaction of both. When it comes to improving diversity, equity and inclusion in an organization, both systems and people need to be taken into consideration. In the last decade, research in behavioural economics has taught us that systems and rules...

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